Reading Beauty

It is a beautifully frustrating experience knowing all you can do for a character committing a folly is to read on.

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The Politics Of Fiction

This quote by Elif Shafak kind of stands out:

…I’m not saying that fiction has the magnitude of an earthquake. But when we are reading a good novel, we leave our small, cozy apartments behind, go out into the night alone and start getting to know people we had never met before and perhaps had even been biased against….

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Long Books Or Boooooooooooks

I’ve been reading a lot (thanks again Kindle), but recently I finished one of the longest books I’ve read (at least top 5 anyway).  I can’t say how long it was in number of pages, which is a bad gauge and thanks to the Kindle, pages mean nothing.  But trust me, it’s pretty long (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell).  Started another book yesterday, I think this one may be even longer, lame.

Call me weird, but I like the feeling of finishing a book.  I mean I love reading, I don’t read just to finish books, but I still like the feeling.

This one was recommended by a coworker, it’s hard science fiction, which I enjoy, but it’s part one of a trilogy.  A.  Lengthy.  Trilogy.

I’m only one chapter through it, but so far it isn’t bad, but you have to be a pretty big fan of hard science fiction (which is very different from science fiction, think more textbook like):  The Reality Dysfunction

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On The Run

Finally got a good mobile way of posting to this blog, the Android app. No more emailing or texting in my posts when going mobile. It worked fine, but was a pain to set up and the features were pretty obscure and hard to remember.

I love this phone, but I guess if you’ve seen my Twitter posts, you’d know that by now.

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Sans San Fran

Got back from San Francisco today, was there for a long weekend trip to meet up with friends and such.

Got work tomorrow morning.

I miss the West Coast.

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

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Iceland Says Hi

Hello reader (hopefully readerS).  In the Reykjavik Hilton right now, flight is tonight, just had some breakfast.  I should probably pack and shower and get ready to head over I guess.  Iceland is beautiful, but I’d probably be more in awe if it wasn’t cloudy and wet the entire time that I’ve been here.

I did see some amazing things though and the people of Iceland love their geothermal energy for electricity and heat, it’s amazing.  The entire country’s population is around ~370k, how weird is that, considering Boston proper is ~620k currently (and that’s not counting everything around it, which is pretty much Boston too).

The cheese and food here, I love it.  Had some dried shark, salted cod, fermented shark, whale steak, reindeer burgers, atlantic char, lamb patte… so much other stuff.  Totally stuffed.

That’s it for now, see you in GMT-5 soon.  I wonder where I’m traveling to next…

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Land Of Ice

Been a pretty good weekend so far.  Saw Muse tonight at TD Banknorth (not a fan of big venues, but I love this band) and tomorrow I’m headed to Iceland with the sister for a few days.  We’re hoping to catch the Aurora Borealis, but it’s March and that’s pretty much the last leg of the season and chances may not be that great.

Not that big of a deal, we just want to relax, have great food, and maybe take a couple pictures of the waterfalls there.

I’ve heard that the people there are pretty mean, will let you know how it goes.

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